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Star Wars Legion Rallypoint @ Kirton Games

The rather shiny winners trophy!

On Saturday 20th July 2019, Kirton Games at Crediton, (Devon,England) held their first Star Wars Legion Rallypoint tournament, with all the official goodies on the line you would expect. Myself and House of Chaos colleague Jon attended. Neither of us are regular tournament players these days so we were unsure as what to expect, however I can safely say it was a great day of gaming.

Everybody in attendance seemed helpful and certainly all 3 of my games were played in great spirit and that definitely seemed the vibe throughout, so everyone who attended well done on being part of that no matter how your results were or how dice fell, can't wait to see as many of you as possible and some more faces for the next one!

We played 3 full sized 800pt legion games with a top 2 cut at the end for the final prizes. Both myself and Jon have been playing smaller games, and actually only played our first proper 800 point game in practice with what we were planning to run the night before!

Jon took a fairly simple rebel list with Luke & Leia backed up by Rebel z6 squads and a couple of sniper teams (I think!). I opted for Krennic, Bossk, Deathtroopers, 2 Sniper teams, 3 DLT stormtrooper squads and the impressive Tx-225 Occupier tank. Before hand I was concerned about lack of boots on the ground, but actually feel the list worked reasonably well in reflection.

My army so far (Emperor Palp and the Royal guard took the day off!)

My day started early with an hours drive approx to the venue, my 1st opponent would be David, as it turned out he had quite a bit more legion experience than me (and probably everyone else present). However he ran a list i really didn't expect, Vader, a TX-225, Death troopers, 1 sniper team, 1 saboteur team, and a mix of stormtroopers and snowtroopers, which turned out 1 less activation than me.

We ended up playing key positions, hostile environment and major offensive for setup which wasn't bad for me. Initially i think my deployment could have been better but ultimately we ended up having a very fun, and very bloody game. For a turn or 2 David drove his tank towards my lines with Vader onboard, and I did manage to whittle the dark lord down a little bit on his journey, however when he disembarked he caused absolute chaos as you would expect. I managed to bring him down with a well timed Reptilian Rampage from Bossk and 2 swipes of melee but I was on the back foot. We started turn 5 with not a great deal left, and my favourite Annihilation looms came into play, suppression absolutely everywhere but couldn't quite do enough to grab the centre objective. It ended up a loss for me but nearly pulled it back, and I could tell David was well versed with his list and legion in general so wasn't to disheartened and he was thoroughly a pleasure to play against.

A short break for lunch followed by our 2nd game, I played against Claire and her beautifully painted rebel force, She had Han,Chewie and Sabine, along with troopers and AT-RT's and a wookiee squad. Ended up with a simple battle lines/key positions/hostile environment game.

My dice (especially saves) were on fire in this game, and Bossk had a rather fun turn of lying in wait... Ultimately I was a bit unsure of a plan at the start, but a bunch of Wookiees barreling across the board seemed a good target and i just about managed to wipe them out before they drummed on some stormtroopers. In retrospect trying to kill Sabine was a futile effort, and I soon switched to the At-Rt's. By the end of time I just about scraped the game 2-1. Great fun game though and amazing army to play against.

Lying in wait is rather good... Even I couldnt miss with all those aims!

Game 3 came and I ended up playing Sam, neither of us were quite going to make the cut, and tiredness was definitely playing a bit of a part for me. We both had very similar lists, he had generic officer where i had Krennic, and he had a scout squad and snowtroopers, but another tank list! We ended up playing Intercept the transmissions, clear conditions and battlelines for a simpleish game!

Early on I managed to sneak ahead on the scores end of turn 2, alot of our forces were playing hide and seek behind a small wall for the central objective. By turn 4 there had been quite a bloody battle but i had edged it on most fronts really, my tank taking a hammering but soaking up much firepower. I managed to down Sam's Bossk on the other side of the table giving me free reign over that objective and had a slight advantage at the others so ultimately Krennic and friends secured a win. Another great fun game though and 2 wins and 1 loss for the day not bad at all, and so so much learnt that my head hurt (and i have probably forgotten half of it already)

Numbers!!! So it would be David vs Andy in the Final cut.

There were some participation prizes given out (the cards in my army pic above and a nice token bag and tokens to some lucky ones. Then comes the painting competition, congrats to Richard Grice, 3rd place. Claire Hawkens 2nd place and Connor Marshall for the 1st place with another amazing rebel army.

Check out Connor's page:

Also Check out Claire's page:

Connor Marshall's Rebels. Winner of best painted award!

Kirton games has a nice setup for streaming, one table was shown on their twitch stream all day. Myself and Jon jumped in for a bit of commentary on the final. Fatigue was definitely getting the better of me by now but if anyone caught it I hope you enjoyed our ramblings! (We will have a video available soon somewhere on youtube I believe - Jon handles the technical side of things here as my internet speed is still measured in carrier pigeons - keep an eye on House of Chaos group)

The whole days stream can be found at

I wont spoil the final if you want to watch the video, but needless to say congratulations both finalists David and Andy very well played on the day!

So a final thanks to everyone attending, Kirton games for putting this event on (Whens the next one?! ) Also thanks to Kirton games & Connor/ CM miniatures for pics I have stolen for this post because I was slack and didn't take nearly enough all day, and the ones i did take were shocking...)

Hopefully we may see more people come to play this great game, we will be covering stuff Legion and otherwise on House of Chaos as always so join us in our facebook group to see what we are up to there are competitions, gaming news, our live chats, weekly painting thread and all sorts.

Find that here

We have also got a South west UK legion players group, hopefully down the line we will see a few more events and people to play against here.

Find that here

Lastly if you are still awake (well done!) In the very very near future we will have some very exciting Star Wars Legion based news on House of Chaos......

This Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder is done for now!


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