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The planet of Paradise, the once gleaming gem in the Outer Rim now lies in ruins.
For reasons unknown, the planet surface is now a desolate, barren and deadly wasted.
For the inhabitants life is tough. While some take shelter in the walled compounds of
community townships, other form roaming tribes of bandits, preying on the defenceless.

During the 'Fall Of Paradise' a rare and valuable resource was discovered. Spice Crystals.
While 'Spice' is found in all corners of the known galaxy, a concentrated form as those
found on paradise is extremely rare. This has attracted the universe's most unwanted.
The Mercs, The Convicts, The Wanted...and the undesirables. These ruthless individuals form gangs known as 'Spice Hunters' who harvest the Spice Crystals and sell onto the highest bidder. The Mega Corporations of 'The Inner Core' eye this resource with envy...and everyone on Paradise knows it will not be long before they make a move and secure the planet for themselves.

OUTLANDS is the unnatural offspring of a drunken sex party involving a Sci-Fi
Spaghetti western, every action movie of the last 40 years and two depraved
individuals. Using the R.I.S.E (ReActive Intelligent Skirmish Engine), gameplay
revolves around an Action/Reaction system that keeps both players in the game.
The unrestricted rule system allows YOU to 'Level Up' your characters, whilst
training new and exciting skills. You can make your characters the way YOU want.
Not forgetting the revolutionary weapon 'Infusion', no two games are the same.
Ideally suited for campaign play between a group of friends, the rules allow for
one off stand alone games.

All you need to play is this rulebook, 5 models per player, a tape measure
and a handful of 6 sided dice. Get ready to take your 1st exciting steps into

The 114 page PDF rulebook include:-
50 Abilities and Special Skills.
40+ Items of Equipment.
A revolutionary weapon modification system so that no two weapons
are the same.
Complete rules for creating a 'Spice Hunter' warband.


OUTLANDS LEGENDS: How To Be A Badass!!! is a mini-supplement for OUTLANDS. Outlands Legends is an achievement bolt-on system that allows your warbands earned extra credits and bonuses to Heroic and Special Actions. Be A Legend. Be A BADASS!!!!!


The Outland Chronicles: Patch 1.08

In this issue you will find:-

All By Itself:- A comprehensive guide to playing OUTLAND games outside the normal 'Campaign' setting. Stand Alone OUTLANDS game is a subject that is always asked. ALL BY ITSELF is the 1st steps to starting individual one off battles.


Special Character:The Drunk. This is by far the worst Special Character ever!!!!! Or is he?? Keep him alive long enough to find out.

REVELATIONS: Episode 1 is the start of a 3 mission mini-campaign which signals the end of OUTLANDS Phase 1.

OVERSEER RULES:- Introducing a 3rd Player to act as Game Master for Episode 1 of Revelations. New rules, outcomes and of course a few surprises.

The Outland Chronicles: Patch 1.07

THE OUTLAND CHRONICLES Patch 1.07 is now on Wargames Vault as a 'Pay What You Want/Free' item.

In this issue you will find:-

Mission 14: The Shard. Do you believe in Myths? A strange question with an answer only you will believe. What if I told you that a Spice Crystal the size of a house once existed out in the Badlands of Paradise. It's a story that everyone on Paradise has heard, but few truly believe to be real.


Special Character: Or should that be Special Characters? The Carnage Twins – two psychopathic 12 year olds – will be gracing us with their presence.


All Good Things: Must come to an end. When is it time to end your campaign and start a new one? Jon discusses the pitfalls of 'long' campaigns, not just in OUTLANDS but in wargames in general, and comes up with a few ideas on how and when to end a campaign, before getting pushed.


Special Actions & Abilities: No issue of The Outland Chronicles would be complete without a few new Abilities and Actions to make your Spice Hunter even more BADASS than before.


Plus: The Overseer (Beta) rules for Mission 14

The Outland Chronicles: Patch 1.06

The Outland Chronicles Patch 1.06 is a FREE (Pay What You Want) content update for OUTLANDS 2nd Edition.


Mission 12: WANTED. A bounty has been placed on your gang Leader. Escort him to safety. Easy right?

Mission 13: Turning The Tables. How do you stop being the 'Hunted'??? Become the Hunter. Mission 13 is a direct follow-on from Mission 12:WANTED.

New Special Character: Your new best friend makes an unlikely ally on the battlefield.

5 New Abilities and Special Actions.

The Overseer (Beta): A new way to play 'Story' missions.


This Free update was  available on The Outland Chronicles Community Facebook page.

The Outland Chronicles: Patch 1.05

What can you find in Patch 1.05:-


It started in 2017:- Jon writes about the 1st year in the OUTLANDS project and what you can expect in 2018.


Mission:- Portals. Following a storm, strange rips in the fabric of time and space - small portals, have opened up on the surface of Paradise. Its takes a brave (or stupid) individual to step into a Portal as you never really know where you'll end up.


2 New Special Characters:- Amber Templeton the fiery female of the 'The Wild Cards' gang. She may appear sweet and innocent when people 1st meet her, but it doesn't take long for them to realise that deep down behind the seductive smile and flirty innuendos she is a true BADASS. Bergen hears voices. Voices of encouragement. Voices of loved ones. Voices of the Dead!!! What happens to a man when you take everything he loves away from him?? He becomes 'Broken'.....and what happens when you give a Broken man an Assault Rifle?? Bloodshed...pure horrific Bloodshed. So why in the hell would anyone you give a 'Broken Man' two MOTHERF**KING Assault Rifles?!?!?!? Are you mad??? As MAD as Bergen???


New Abilities and Special Skills. It just wouldn't be the same without new and exciting ways to play OUTLANDS.


Rules Update:- The Underdog rule has be reviewed and amendments made.


The Outland Chronicles: Patch 1.04

Expanding the OUTLANDS core ruleset. The 4rd regular update includes:-



Mission 10: 'Don't Go Out Alone'. Darkness falls across the township of Hope Springs. The streets are empty as an air of dread fills the night skies. The younger inhabitants joke and treat each other to candy goodness, while the old timers tell stories of an unknown menace that lurks in the darkness outside. Are these stories real? Who knows. But everyone, young and old agree...'The Night Of The Long Shadows' isn't the time to be out alone.


Two New Special Characters:- The natural born leader Sam Deckard. A true inspiration for any 'Spice Hunter Crew'. The exact opposite can be said about 'The Shadow'. Hiding in the shadows, a master of intimidation, Striking individuals when they least expect it. You ever get that feeling that someone is watching you?


New Abilities & Special Skills:- This update wouldn't be complete without some new Abilities and Special Skills.

Free (PWYW)

The Outland Chronicles: Patch 1.03

The Fall Of Paradise Part 3:- We have already seen the 'hash' response from Mega Corporations of the Inner Core. But what was it like for those whose survived the cataclysm of Paradise?? We get 1st hand details from a very unlikely source.


*Mission 9 'Can You Dig It':- Strange and mysterious pieces of an unknown resource has been turning up all over Paradise. Sherlock Hemmingway knows more than he is letting on.....and willing to pay over the asking price. This is a special mission that leads directly into the Relic Seeker rules.


Special Rule:- RELIC SEEKER is a special set of rules designed exclusively for member of 'The Outlands Chronicles Community' Facebook page. It's a rare chance to get your hands on some powerful, unique 'Relic' weapons and equipment.


New Abilities:- A new look to how we display and introduce Abilities And Special Rules. Plus, an update to the Abilities already published in Patch 1.01 & 1.02