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All products on this page are for 'Printed' Rulebooks (via LuLu).

OUTLANDS: Special Edition

OUTLANDS SE contains everything released for OUTLANDS during 2018. At 324 pages this printed rulebook includes the Core Rules, The Noob mini expansion, Outlands Legends 'How To Be A Badass', every TOC Patch, 14 missions, every Special Character and the Revelations Campaign. 

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OUTLANDS: 2nd Edition

The planet of Paradise, the once gleaming gem in the Outer Rim now lies in ruins.
For reasons unknown, the planet surface is now a desolate, barren and deadly wasted.
For the inhabitants life is tough. While some take shelter in the walled compounds of
community townships, other form roaming tribes of bandits, preying on the defenceless.

During the 'Fall Of Paradise' a rare and valuable resource was discovered. Spice Crystals.
While 'Spice' is found in all corners of the known galaxy, a concentrated form as those
found on paradise is extremely rare. This has attracted the universe's most unwanted.
The Mercs, The Convicts, The Wanted...and the undesirables. These ruthless individuals
form gangs known as 'Spice Hunters' who harvest the Spice Crystals and sell onto the
highest bidder. The Mega Corporations of 'The Inner Core' eye this resource with
envy...and everyone on Paradise knows it will not be long before they make a move and
secure the planet for themselves.

OUTLANDS is the unnatural offspring of a drunken sex party involving a Sci-Fi
Spaghetti western, every action movie of the last 40 years and two depraved
individuals. Using the R.I.S.E (ReActive Intelligent Skirmish Engine), gameplay
revolves around an Action/Reactionsystem that keeps both players in the game.
The unrestricited rule system allows YOU to 'Level Up' your characters, whilst
training new and exciting skills. You can make your characters the way YOU want.
Not forgetting the revolutionary weapon 'Infusion', no two games are the same.
Ideally suited for campaign play between a group of friends, the rules allow for
one off stand alone games.

All you need to play is this rulebook, 5 models per player, a tape measure
and a handful of 6 sided dice. Get ready to take your 1st exciting steps into

The 78 page rulebook include:-
6 Missions.
50 Abilities and Special Skills.
40+ Items of Equipment.
A revolutionary weapon modification system so that no two weapons
are the same.
Complete rules for creating a 'Spice Hunter' warband.


The Noob is the 1st Mini-Expansion For OUTLANDS. This rulebook will allow you to recruit 'The Noob' for your warband. Explain the training process and 'On The Job Training' experience. Most importantly it will allow you to deploy a maximum of 6 models instead of the normal 5.



OUTLANDS LEGENDS: How To Be A Badass!!! is a mini-supplement for OUTLANDS. Outlands Legends is an achievement bolt-on system that allows your warbands earned extra credits and bonuses to Heroic and Special Actions. Be A Legend. Be A BADASS!!!!!


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