The Outland Chronicles Patch 1.07 LIVE!!!

June 4, 2018

THE OUTLAND CHRONICLES Patch 1.07 is now on Wargames Vault as a 'Pay What You Want/Free' item.…/p…/11194/Shades-Of-Chaos-Games

In this issue you will find:-

Mission 14: The Shard. Do you believe in Myths? A strange question with an answer only you will believe. What if I told you that a Spice Crystal the size of a house once existed out in the Badlands of Paradise. It's a story that everyone on Paradise has heard, but few truly believe to be real.


Special Character: Or should that be Special Characters? The Carnage Twins – two psychopathic 12 year olds – will be gracing us with their presence.


All Good Things: Must come to an end. When is it time to end your campaign and start a new one? Jon discusses the pitfalls of 'long' campaigns, not just in OUTLANDS but in wargames in general, and comes up with a few ideas on how and when to end a campaign, before getting pushed.


Special Actions & Abilities: No issue of The Outland Chronicles would be complete without a few new Abilities and Actions to make your Spice Hunter even more BADASS than before.


Plus: The Overseer (Beta) rules for Mission 14


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