You could WIN a £25 Amazon Gift Card!!!!

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Do you want to be in with a chance to win a Amazon Gift Card (£25 or $25)???

*On 31st December 2018, Shades Of Chaos Games and HOCP will be holding a 'Follower' GIVEAWAY to win one £25 (or $25) Amazon Gift Card.

All you have to do to 'enter' the prize draw is:-

1). Go to

2). Click the 'Follow' button (you may need to make a Twitch Account).

And that's it.

*Now the important stuff:-

A). The draw will only take place on 31st Dec 2018 if 'House Of Chaos Productions' has 50 or more 'followers' on it's Twitch Channel.

If the Twitch Channel has less than 50 'Followers' the Prize Giveaway will continue until the last day of Jan 2019. The draw will be held 'Live' at 7:30pm on the 31st Dec 2018 or 31st Jan 2019 (depending on 'followers').

B). The winner will be contacted via the Twitch website (use a real email address).

It is that simple.

Good Luck


House Of Chaos Productions is a Twitch Channel where you can get all the latest OUTLANDS and Shades Of Chaos Games News....along with other gaming related stuff.

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