OUTLANDS: Relic Hunter see the introduction of Personal Shield Generators.

But what is a PSG.

In the OUTLANDS universe a PSG in a small device that surrounds the wearer in an invisible bubble that helps against receiving damage. In game terms its the 1st line of protection for your warband characters.

A character equipped with a PSG has limited protection against range attacks, unlike an armour piece that is designed to stop damage after the attack has been successful.

So why not just use a PSG over an Armour item??

All PSG have an (n). When a character is deployed equipped with a PSG that character gets a number of Shield Tokens equal to the (n) valve. These valves are normally 1,2 or 3.

When the character is subject of a successful Range Attack 'TO HIT' roll, the player can declare that they are using a Shield Token to absorb any damage that may be the result of the attack. Once a Character has 'no' shield tokens the PSG is useless against Range Attacks.

This makes the PSG 'good' for a limited amount of time (unless it has RECHARGE see below). No Shield Tokens then no protection.

Note:- The PSG stops any damage from the attack. Fire,Bleed and other weapon effects that are applied as part of the attack can still be used.

RECHARGE is a new keyword that relates to PSG/s. As already mentioned that where a character with a PSG has no shield tokens left to use the PSG is effectively useless. A character with a PSG with the keyword 'Recharge' gains 1 Shield Token at the start of any Game Turn. A PSG cannot be 'Recharge' above its (n) valve.

Very rare PSG/s may have the Keyword 'Immune: ####' (where #### is the name of an effect). As noted, if a character spends a shield token to stop the damage roll of a successful Range Attack, the character is still classed as being 'hit'. Some weapon infusions like FIRE, BLEED, etc are still applied even if the model is HIT but not DAMAGED. Immune stops the model suffering from these additional 'weapon effects'. Of course, Immune only works when the PSG is still operating and the character has shield tokens.

You will find that 'Immune' on a PSG relates more to the newer Infusions rather than the some of the older ones as found in the core rulebook.

The last new keyword is 'Depletion:#####'. The last act of a PSG. Very, very rare PSG have a fail-safe effect that triggers when the character spends the last Shield Token. This is called 'Depletion'. For example:- A PSG with Depletion: Combustion. When the character wearing this PSG spends the last Shield Token then all models within 6 inches of this character gains 1 Fire Token. Its a nasty little trick.

Tip:- If you see a PSG with 'Recharge and Depletion' then buy it. |The combination of the 2 conditions can really put your opponent on edge. They won't know if to run away or run towards you.

All sounds good right?? Well as with all thing there are some downsides.

  1. A PSG without Recharge is only good for a limited amount of uses. Armour however is mostly (see Acid) always effective upto a certain amount of damage.

  2. PSG will not stop a 'Critical Hit' from inflicting Damage. They are good...but not that good.

  3. PSG only work against Range Attacks. It others NO protection against Close Combat attacks.

T hats a quick rundown of the new PSG Relic Item. A great addition to any warband...but just don't expect it to work in later game turns.

In the next blog I take a look at two more new Relic Items.....Trinkets and Artefacts.

Until next time.

Jon M

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