OUTLANDS: I've Soiled My Plants.

OUTLANDS : I've Soiled My Plants is a new mission by Ross Barriball with background written by Kev Beachus.

The mission introduces a new character called Prof. Maria Topaisz. I won't be going into much detail about her as she will be showing up later down the OUTLANDS timeline. Needless to say a brilliant mind is easy to break and Maria is well and truly broken.

'I've Soiled My Plants' is a mission where both players have to 'sow' a seed in a patch of 'Spice Enriched Soil', wait for the seed to germinate and then take the Sapling back to Prof. Topaisz. A little spot of gardening never hurt anyone...its the bullets whizzing past your ears that cause the damage.

So a reasonable simple and straight forward mission that experienced players shouldn't have a problem completing on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. That's why 'I've Soiled my Plants' has 3 levels of difficultly with better rewards for completing each increasingly difficult mission. This is a new method we at Shades Of Chaos have been wanting to try out for a while and this mission has given us the chance to add some goals to a standard mission. The three levels are Normal, Heroic and Master.

Normal Level:- Is the base mission. This has already been described above.

Heroic Level:- Has the same basic outline of the Normal Mission but now the players will need to harvest the Saplings before the harsh environment of the badlands kills the plants.

Master Level:- Taking Normal and Heroic levels. With the added bonus of getting the 'Harvest Saplings' of the game table in a certain amount of ACTIONS.

Each 'Level' offers new and existing OUTLAND Players a different challenge. Of course the rewards for completing each 'Level' have been increased to match the mission type.

Its going to take a while for you (the players) to figure out how to complete and gain maximum rewards for each 'level' but that's half the fun. You may find that you will need to drop in a few 'spacer' games to be able to equip your warbands with the right skills and equipment to complete each Level or you could just kill your your opponent's warband....because that would work.

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