Mission 15: Going Down: Playtesting.

June 18, 2018

I recently sat down with Ross to playtest Mission 15: Going Down. Mission 15 marks the start of a 3 mission narrative campaign which in-turn will start the end of OUTLANDS Phase 1 (you can find out more here).


Its a simple mission to play out. Without going into too much detail (you'll have too wait for Patch 1.08 for the background fluff). Both teams have to find and hack an Elevator Control Console. Once 'Hacked', the Elevator platform will travel to the surface. Board the platform and win the game. 

Its a fast mission to play.....which means it can all go wrong twice as quickly. It did for me!!!!


Its only when I took a good look at this photo that I realised just how badly damaged the paint job has become. That said, this team has pretty much been used every week for the last 4 years....and at Demo games.


 Ross team consists mostly of legendary rock stars. These models are a mix of Reaper Bones and GW.




 The general layout of the gameplay area (seen from my side). The white square in the middle is the Elevator Platform, while the 2 round objectives are the Elevator Control Consoles.


 It doesn't start well for Ross with a triple 'Action Dice' fail!!!!!!!!

 ...and just when he thinks it couldn't get any worse....1st Game Turn 'Kill'. That marked the end of the bad luck for Ross :(

 Things started to go wrong for me at the beginning of the 2nd Game Turn....and it never really recovered.



Templeton makes it to the Elevator Control Console but fails to make the 'Hack' Skill Test.

 Support from Hannible and Eastwood.


BA and Murdock offering back-up if the situation turned nasty....and it did.



 Templeton falls back...and Ross takes the advantage, only to get shot down in the process. 

 Ross send another member of his team to Hack the Control Console...which he does successfully. I moved Eastwood in to attack Bruce...not my greatest moment. The Red D10 is a measure of now much longer the elevator platform has to travel before it reaches the surface.



 And Eastwood bites the dust with Axl and Bruce both 'putting the boot in'. This left the elevator platform wide open for Ross to win the game. 


Its a great little mission, that will lead onto bigger things. And, it has Overseer (Beta) guidelines for that 3rd person Game Master!!!!! The Outland Chronicles Patch 1.08 will be available the 7th July 2018. 


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 Ross makes some interesting terrain elements from household items. Check out our Instagram for more details.



 Until next time.




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